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About Rate Your Way

Whether you are a verified tradesperson, a freelancer or a homeowner, Rate Your Way can benefit you. Why did we build this platform? We want to help businesses express their reviews and portfolios and help homeowners to find these great businesses.



To provide a platform for users to find reliable and quality work.

To allow tradespeople, including freelancers to showcase their reviews, services, portfolio and more online.

To increase competitiveness of trades work and improve the quality across Cyprus.



To establish a legitimate platform where homeowners can find reliable work.

A place where tradespeople and freelancers can create their very own personalised landing page.

And to increase the quality of trade work across Cyprus via fair and equal competition.



We believe in creating a platform that can not only benefit big and small businesses alike but help the citizens of Cyprus by increasing competition, accountability and reliability of work. 

Your homes are important to us, so make sure you employ the right company to do the job.

How does our platform work for tradespeople?

As a tradesperson, you can add your company listing to our platform and be found online by users all across Cyprus.

By becoming a member of Rate Your Way you will also receive discounts and benefits from companies across the country.

As you add your listing, you will have your very own personalised landing page that will be searchable on Google.

You can advertise your listing to collect reviews from your clients and build up your portfolio.

The more good reviews you get, the better your profile will look and it can help attract new business.

As a company, you will also receive verified status, so homeowners know you are a registered company.


How does our platform work for Freelancers

Acknowledging that Cyprus is home to a lot of innovative creators and independent business people. We have provided a means for freelancers to also reap the rewards of being on our platform.

If you are not fully registered yet, or if you are a sole tradesperson, you can still enjoy the benefits that this platform allows. You can still have your own personalised landing page and be found on Google.

Additionally, your freelancer profile will still collect reviews, showcase your portfolio and be personalised to you entirely.

You will also still be able to access the discounts and benefits that we have to offer.

How does our platform work for Homeowners?

Homeowners, you have got the power, our mission and vision rely heavily on you. 

Your voice, your opinion and your reviews that you leave after having work done by a tradesperson will help increase the competitiveness and quality of work in Cyprus.

In return, we will provide a one-stop shop for all your tradesperson needs. Search through our database of companies and freelancers and find the right person to get the job done.

You can search our database by category, location, recently added and a whole lot more to find the perfect tradesperson for your home project.



If you wish to add a listing, you can go to this link here and select the right package for you.

Depending on the package that you choose, you will be able to fill out different fields for your business listing.

To find out more information about the packages, what they offer and how much they cost, you can head on over to our business tradesperson page if you are a registered company or to our freelancer page if you are not yet registered.

If you are a homeowner and you recently had work done to your home by one of the companies on our platform, you can search them by their name to leave a review.

Head on over to our search page or simply use the search form on the homepage. Here you can enter the company name and go to their profile to leave a review.

If they are not on our platform then we recommend urging them to join us.

You can click on “listings & reviews” at the top of the page to go to your profile and see your business listings, any reviews that you have left and any companies that you have favourited.

If you need help adding a business/freelancer listing then feel free to email us at [email protected] and we can help you set up your listing to perfection.