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Resolving Issues

While we pride ourselves on the high standards of our members, we acknowledge that sometimes things can go wrong. The important thing to do is to track, report and address any issues and make every effort to resolve complaints appropriately and fairly.

How can you resolve issues?

As a Rate Your Way member, whether you are a tradesperson or a homeowner, you will be given the support needed to deal with the issue at hand. The most important thing is communication between the homeowner and tradesperson. We are here to help if any issues cannot be resolved by the two parties in question.

We make sure that only those who are signed in can leave a review. This way, we have the user details ready on hand in case negative or falsified reviews are left.

If someone has left a falsified review, we can work with the tradesperson to find the homeowner and confirm that work was carried out.

If a tradesperson has a negative review and wishes to try to resolve the complaint, then you can work with Rate Your Way to mediate a conversation between the homeowner and the tradesperson.

By communicating, we can attempt to come to a resolution where the homeowner is happy with the outcome and will either remove or upgrade the negative review that was left.

If you are to appeal a review, it is important to readily have information: 

  • Job details and specifics
  • Customer information
  • Pictures of the work (if needed)

If you happen to have any issues with reviews left and wish to appeal, you must do so within 12 months of the work being carried out.