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How it all works?

If you are new to Rate Your Way then you are at the right place. Find out how to:

Add your company listing

Find a tradesperson

Review a company

Add your company listing

If you are a verified company, a sole tradesperson or a freelancer, then you can add your listing to our platform and be visible to homeowners across Cyprus.

Go to our Add Listing page and select the package for you. We have 3 different packages available:

  • Freelancer 
  • Business Standard
  • Business Premium


Each package is available at a monthly rate or you can select the annual package for a 15% discount.


You can see the benefits and differences of each package by going to:


To add your listing you will have to fill out information such as:

  • Company description
  • Category of trade
  • Location (city, region, address, postcode)
  • Contact details
  • Social media accounts
  • Company services
  • Portfolio gallery
  • Logo


And a whole lot more (the information depends on the package you select).

Find a Tradesperson

Finding a tradesperson in Cyprus has never been easier. You can find a tradesperson by:

  • Category
  • Location
  • Tradesperson name
  • Nearest to you


From our homepage, you will have all of the above options to find the tradesperson that you are looking for.

Review a company

When you have had work done in your home, you can find them on our platform and leave a review for their work.

You can either search for the company name on our homepage or go to our Leave a Review page and search for the company there.

Once you find the company in our database, click on it to go to their listings page. 

You will see a black button stating “Rate this Company” where you can provide the star rating and leave a comment.

Note, you have to either be logged in or provide your name and email. This helps us to provide a platform with verified and legitimate ratings. 

Additionally, as part of our service to create a reliable platform, we randomly follow up with reviews and make sure they are legitimate.