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Hire trusted and credible freelancers to provide a quality paint job for your home. Give your walls a fresh new coating with professional freelancer painters.



We can provide vetted and verified companies that you can hire for your next paint job. For office renovations, exterior jobs or home projects.



Find all types of tradespeople, like painters, on Rate Your Way, you can find them on our platform, see where they are located and contact them directly.

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After you’ve hired one of our tradespeople for some work, use our platform to leave them a review. Let them know how well they have done by reviewing the company or tradesperson on their profile. This will help other homeowners across Cyprus make an informed decision when choosing what tradesperson to work with.

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By using Rate Your Way to find your air conditioning expert, you can find a company or tradesperson’s profile, contact them directly and then leave a review once the work has been carried out.

This platform aims to help homeowners find trusted and reliable workers and make informed decisions when choosing a tradesperson.

Well, you are in luck. We are currently offering 12 months free membership. You can sign up by filling out the form on this page and a member of our staff will contact you as soon as possible to get you listed in our directory.

We have added a select amount of companies to our directory using publicly available basic information.

If one of these companies is yours, then you can simply click on it and click the “claims listing” button to claim it and fill the profile out to its fullest. This will allow you to reap all of the benefits our platform has to offer.

As a homeowner, you can sign-up for completely free and leave your rating on a company or tradesperson’s listing.

In order to verify the review, it is important that you first create an account.

We can keep the credibility of our platform and of the tradesperson’s work by making sure that the reviews are all legitimate. 

We also run random checks on reviews that have been left to further ensure their credibility.

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